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Welcome to the Lafayette County Genealogical Society Blog. My name is Ginny Gerber and my husband and I live in Monroe, WI. My ancestors immigrated from Norway and Germany and settled in Lafayette County. I became interested in genealogy when I found a hand written family tree in my Dad’s estate, but I will save that story for another time.

The LCGS has an exciting event coming up on Sunday, July 27 and Sunday, Aug 24. Elder and Sister Riley, missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, will help people interested in furthering their family research by learning how to access the billions of records available through FamilySearch, Puzzilla, Fold3, FindMyPast, and Ancestry. FamilySearch.org and Puzzilla.org are free websites for researching your ancestors. This is an opportunity to let Elder and Sister Riley show you how to use these sites and access the greatest amount of records!

Elder & Sister Riley

Elder & Sister Riley

LCGS will be holding the two part special presentations on Sunday, July 27 at the Johnson Public Library, 131 E. Catherine Street, Darlington, WI at 1:30 pm and the follow up session on Sunday, August 24 at the same time and location. Bring your own laptop, if you have one as the library has a limited number of computers available. If you do not already have an account at FamilySearch.org you may want to do the initial login process to register and create a username and password ahead of time. Remember it is free! Otherwise, the process can be done at the presentation.

This is a one time opportunity you do not want to miss. Post if you have any questions or comments. I hope to see you Sunday!


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  1. Very nice picture of the Riley’s and article about what they will be talking about this Sunday at the first of their two Special Summer Genealogy Presentations, was in today’s issue of this week’s Darlington Republican Journal, on page 10. Thank you, Talitha and Journal employees. I know personally that anyone who plans to attend, will benefit from doing so, because I know I have. Best if you get your Family Search username and password set up before coming Sunday. If you don’t have it set up before Sunday, that’s okay, you can sign up for it there but if you’ll be using one of the library’s computers, make sure you bring your email address username and password, in order to access your email address from there. You’re welcome of course to bring your own computers, since there are a limited number of library computers. Family Search is accessible with Apple computers, lap tops and I-Pads as well. Can attend only one of the two sessions? That’s okay. There will be a review at the beginning of the 2nd Session Other Questions? Call Sarah at 608-325-9615.

  2. JFYI, Re: Current Events in the Lafayette County area, nearby, Sunday, April 26 from 2-5 pm, The Walker House in Mineral Point is hosting an Open House to showcase the first lodging room with a private bathroom in it’s 200 year history…. See Thursday, 16 Apr 2015 Democrat Tribune, pg. 4 for further details or contact the Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce or the Mineral Point Library maybe able to answer your questions and/or have a copy of that issue/article. I had lunch there with 3 of my Lafayette Crow cousins, in the mid 1980’s and haven’t been back since, mainly because it was empty after that, for many years until purchased just a couple years ago. It’s a Grand old building with many stories within it’s stone and mortar, for sure !

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