Honor Our Veterans

Today we honor the Veterans who have served our country.

My husband served during the Vietnam Era. My Dad served during 1949 and my Uncles served during WWII.  We honor all our family, friends and ancestors who have served for our country.

My uncle, Earl “Honey” Baars, sent home many pictures, letters and mementos from WWII. Our family has been blessed with his story of service.

Aachen, German

Aachen, Germany

In Aachin, Germany

My uncle in center at Aachin, Germany

Note on back of Aachin, Germany picture

Note on back of picture

The Battle of Aachen was fought by American and German forces between 2-21 October 1944. It was one of the largest urban battles fought by U.S forces and the first city captured by the Allies on German soil. My uncle felt that victory and he implied that much of the city had been destroyed.

I hope you will learn your family veteran’s stories….it makes Veterans Day even more meaningful.



One response to “Honor Our Veterans

  1. Lest, we be reminded that freedom is not free.

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