It’s a Mystery

Do you have any mystery photos? People you can’t identify? We all seem to have those mystery photos in our genealogy collection. And we long to know who is staring back at us.

I found two FREE websites that may help you on your quest to solve those mysteries. The first one is Dead Fred at I suggest starting by reading the FAQS which answers many of the questions about posting photos and searching for photos. You do not have to register to search. When you submit a photo you will be automatically registered. It may take a few days or more before your photo shows up because the site is run completely by volunteers.  There are over 18,000 surnames listed and 116,000 records to search. That’s a lot of photos! And I had a success!

Catherine Poff

Catherine Poff

I found a picture of my 4th great grandmother, Catherine Dellinger Poff. She was born 1790 in Pennsylvania and died 1866 in Ohio. She married George Poff in 1809. And this is what she looks like.

The second website I discovered is Identify A Photo at At this site Vickie and David Ortez actually work to identify the submitted photos. Then they share their success stories on their blog. Vickie says “Reuniting photos with families is such a rewarding experience.”

When you create an account instructions on how to submit photos is emailed to you. When a photo is submitted keywords are added to it such as a state or country, surname, or where a photo was discovered such as “antique shop”. So you will want to do your searching with several different types of keywords. The photos are categorized in albums such as location, surname, military, recently added, and identified. There is a search guide to help you out.

Happy Photo Hunting! Let me know if you make any discoveries and your success story can be posted here.



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