Finding Your Ancestors on Find A Grave

Are you wishing for a picture of your ancestors grave but they were buried several states away? Find A Grave may be your solution. Find A Grave is a virtual cemetery resource from all over the world which provides information, pictures, obituaries and other information on deceased individuals. All searching is free and you do not need to register to use Find A Grave but if you would like to add information you need to be registered. Any specific questions may be answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions” on the lower left of the Home page.

Start by doing a search for a person. Click on the Search Grave Records. See home page image below. The red arrow points the Search Grave Records.

Find A Grave Home Page

A search form comes up. Simply type in the information you have and click search.

Find A Grave Search Page

If your ancestor is listed on Find A Grave a memorial will come up. Below is the memorial for my great Grandfather, Herman Heller. It has a picture of his gravestone and the cemetery. There is also a link the memorial of his son Reynold Heller. You can follow those links and do family research of parents and children.

Find A Grave Memorial Page

Another way to find family connections is by searching the cemetery. On the left of the memorial page it gives me the option to search for all Hellers in the Elmwood Cemetery. Families were often buried together in the same cemetery. Many times the memorials will give a woman’s maiden name and married name. This can be a great tool to help find some of those missing females in the family.

You can search for family members with a certain surname and search by country, state or county. Using the same menu to the left on the Memorial page you can search any individual cemetery.

In September of 2013, Ancestry acquired Find A Grave but it is run separately and will remain free. A mobile app is now available to search Find A Grave. Often the memorials will give a location in the cemetery. I have found the mobile app helpful in locating stones when I am in a large cemetery.

You may want to consider becoming a member so you can create a memorial, submit data, add flowers, add photos or become a photo volunteer. Take the time to search the website and learn all you can do with Find A Grave.


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