A Chance Meeting

This last Sunday we were invited to a family gathering – only it wasn’t our family but the family of my husband’s high school buddy. It’s always fun to gather with old friends as we weren’t the only non-family. One of the gentlemen at the gathering lived on Trotter Road. That turned the conversation to genealogy since my husband’s grandmother was a Trotter. We knew the William Trotter farm was somewhere along that road. We started asking questions about the history of property in his area since his family farm was on Trotter Rd also. Were our ancestors neighbors??  More research is to be done.

My husband and I had driven Trotter Rd several times trying to figure where the Trotter farm was located. Was the farm still there or has it disappeared and been swallowed up into other farms? One thing we did not take into consideration was how the road had changed with the new Highway 81 between Monroe and Argyle. Part of what is Trotter Road now used to be West Duncan Rd. A large section of Trotter is now closed and not used. A farm (the former Scott farm – they married Trotters, too) sits at a dead end on Trotter Rd. From that dead end to Highway 81 is the unused portion of the old Trotter Rd. Now we had new information to use to figure out the location of the farm.

At home, I pulled out my Trotter family information and the land information I had. We studied the information and the map alongside the new information we had about Trotter Rd……and the joke was on us. The farm was actually located on the southeast corner of Lewis Rd and Duncan Hill Rd – not on Trotter Rd as we thought. The farm is gone but we had driven by it many times and each time my husband has been drawn to the piece of property and has made the statement, “That’s a piece of land I would like to own.” It may be the call of the ancestor.

One chance meeting and it led to the discovery of the farm property. On the next trip by the Trotter land I will have the camera.

Don’t forget that Green County Genealogical Society is offering free workshops on Thursday mornings. This week Elder Wright will be sharing many aspects of Family Search.

Throwback Thursday July 23


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