Connecting to the Old Country Continued

Here are more websites that may be helpful in your search for the ancestors “across the pond”. Be sure to share if you have found a website that is particularly helpful in locating information on your ancestors from the “old country”.


Here you will find a records-transcription project which includes many vital records from Poland, a surname list, translation tools, a guide to using Family History Library microfilm, and several links to other resources.


SGGEE focuses on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia with some help for related regions. You will need to join the society to access all the records.


A useful starting place for your Italian research and one of the many country websites under the umbrella of the World GenWeb <>. It varies in its resources depending on which ancestral place in Italy you’re investigating.


From their website: LusaWeb is an Internet community dedicated to the people of Portuguese ancestry living in the United States and throughout the world. LusaWeb is a place to celebrate our common heritage, to learn about Portuguese history and traditions and to share the memory of our Portuguese ancestors.


A favorite of mine – This free site from the National Archives of Norway offers almost all the essential resource for finding Norwegian families. It includes church records, censuses, tax lists, probate records and more! It’s also the most English-language friendly Scandinavian websites.


The link goes directly to the English-language pages. Otherwise click the British flag for English. Many items are available without membership including forum, database of researchers and searchable tombstone records with photos, links and maps.

Again this is just a start….a jumping off point. If you didn’t find that helpful website for your ancestors go to Cyndi’s List <; which has over 300,000 links to genealogy websites.

Fryxell, David A. “Catch the Wave.” Family Tree Magazine May/June 2014: 54-59. Print.


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