Aerial America Re: U.S. State Histories

by Susie Hillison

I  came across a program while enjoying my morning cup of “joe” this morning (Sunday, 10:30), that was new to me.  It was on  the Smithsonian Channel which I’ve since learned, features a wide array of programming covering science, nature, culture, history, air and spacecraft, and documentaries. They create everything from long-running series to one-off, in depth specials.  This one happened to be  Aerial America, which showcases each of the 50 states from the air, with special episodes devoted to small towns, the wilderness, etc. and narrated by Jim Conrad.  It caught my interest because this one was  on West Virginia.  My father’s paternal and maternal heritage is from there, back to 1700’s when it was still part of Virginia.  I found it  very interesting and informative.  I learned that the capital was initially located in Wheeling and how the change to surface coal mining is beneficial for the health of the coal miners but not without a cost to our environment.  We are loosing our Mountains and valleys from it.  When reading some of the Darlington papers, I’ve seen mention of  a Lafayette Co., WI resident (Knight) visiting in West Virginia.  Something for me to further investigate, since I have distant Knights thru my Stockwell line.


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