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Linkpendium: Looking For That Missing Link

Linkpendium logoEveryone is talking about the link site “Linkpendium” in their blogs and newsletters. It is being developed by the founders of RootsWeb and has over 10 million genealogy links. So I had to check it out:

At the home page I had the option to do my search by state or by surname.

Linkpendium Home

Since I have been researching the Kenney family from Bourbon County, Kentucky I decided to start by searching Kentucky genealogy. Bourbon County had a list of 790 links. On my first try I chose “Family Record Collections” from the Bourbon County Genealogical Society and immediately found four links with family records for the Kenney family – a wealth of information.

Kenney Links

Next, I did a search by surnames. I selected “K surnames”, then selected “Ken families” with 10,060 links and then selected Kenney family with 116 links. The links were broken down by state and also a worldwide group of links. Kentucky had several biographies I am going to check out on a return visit.

Then I checked out the new State-By-State Genealogy Search Engine on the left side of the home page. The page provides hints for doing a search.

  • Smith will search for all Smiths in the state
  • John Smith will search for all pages in which “John” OR “Smith” appear
  • “John Smith” (with the quotes) will search all pages with “John” NEAR “Smith” (this is helpful if a middle name or initial appears in between)
  • Smith -John will search all pages with “Smith”, but NOT “John”

Linkpendium Genealogy Search Engine

My first search I used Kenney and chose Kentucky as my state. It resulted in 233 matches. Next I narrowed my search to “James Kenney” using the quotes and it resulted in 9 link matches. I chose to check out Miscellaneous Estate Records for James Kenney. It took me to a page listing the estate records where slaves were mentioned. There it was….a listing of the slaves that James Kenney owned at his death. This is information I would never had found without using the state search engine on Linkpendium.

I encourage you to add this site to your favorites list. I have found family history, estate information and even email contacts of possible cousin contacts all in less than an hour’s time on Linkpendium.