Cemetery listing

Click on the following cemeteries and it’ll take you to the Find A Grave site for them. LCGS researched these cemeteries in 2002 and being on Find A Grave, it allows new additions to be included and links to family members to be established. In some cases, additional info is provided that is not on the headstones.

The names on this list also include any aliases that the burial spots/cemeteries may be known as. These names represent the “official” names of the cemeteries and how the sign at their entry reads.

As of January 2013, all these cemeteries have been mapped on Google Earth and Google Maps so you can see where they are located no matter where you are! Be sure to check out the obituary index as it might also be helpful in your genealogy journey.

  1. Ames’ Branch Burial
  2. Andrews Cemetery
  3. Apple Grove Lutheran Cemetery
  4. Armstrong Family Cemetery
  5. Avon Cemetery AKA Schwartz; Center; Country Club
  6. Barber-Rhea Cemetery
  7. Bashford Cemetery
  8. Beam Ridge Cemetery
  9. Belmont Cemetery AKA Belmont Village Cemetery; Belmont Community Cemetery
  10. Benton United Methodist Cemetery
  11. Bethel Grove Cemetery
  12. Blackstone Cemetery
  13. Blaisdell Cemetery
  14. Brown Cemetery
  15. Calvary  Cemetery AKA St. Francis Cemetery
  16. Carr Cemetery AKA Strong Cemetery
  17. Cholera Victims Cemetery
  18. Corbett Cemetery
  19. Cottage Inn Cemetery
  20. County Line Cemetery AKA Buckingham
  21. CTH U Cemetery
  22. Davidson Skjewheim Cemetery
  23. Davies Family Cemetery
  24. East Wiota Lutheran Church Cemetery AKA Cherry Branch Cemetery
  25. Eastman Cemetery
  26. Elk Grove Cemetery  AKA Elk Grove Cententary Methodist
  27. Evergreen Cemetery
  28. Everson Farm Cemetery
  29. Father O’Mahony Grave
  30. Fayette Cemetery
  31. Field, Amanda Campbell Grave
  32. Fields Cemetery
  33. Finnish Cemetery AKA Seffrood Cemetery
  34. First Capitol Cemetery AKA Lost Cemetery
  35. Foss Cemetery AKA Unnamed Grave
  36. Graceland Cemetery AKA Blanchardville Cemetery
  37. Gratiot M.E. Cemetery AKA Methodist Cemetery
  38. Greenwood Cemetery AKA Glendinning Cemetery
  39. Hall Cemetery
  40. Hamilton Cemetery AKA Wiota City Cemetery
  41. Hoffman Cemetery AKA Pinney
  42. Holy Assumption Cemetery
  43. Holy Rosary Cemetery
  44. Houghtaling Cemetery AKA Andrews
  45. Immaculate Conception Cemetery AKA Truman; Saint Pius Catholic Cemetery
  46. Ireland Farm Cemetery
  47. Jenkynsville Cemetery AKA Jenkynsville-Meeker, Meeker’s Grove
  48. Kammerud Yankee Hollow Cemetery AKA Yankee Hollow Cemetery
  49. Kindle Cemetery AKA Kenneltown
  50. King Cemetery
  51. Kingsley Methodist Cemetery AKA Kingsley Methodist Cemetery
  52. LaDue Cemetery
  53. Lafayette County Poor Farm Cemetery
  54. Lamont Cemetery  AKA Cudahy; Zimmerman; Lancaster; Dobbs; Helm
  55. Leach Family Cemetery
  56. Leadmine Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
  57. Leadmine Primitive Methodist Cemetery
  58. Littlefair Cemetery
  59. Looney Cemetery
  60. Masonic Cemetery
  61. Max Bliss Burial Site
  62. McComish Stone
  63. McNetts East AKA Old Elk Grove Cemetery
  64. McNetts West AKA Old Elk Grove Cemetery
  65. Miller Cemetery
  66. Mount Hope Cemetery AKA Mt Hope Presbyterian Cemetery
  67. Newton-Chapman Cemetery
  68. Old Argyle Cemetery
  69. Old White Oak Springs Village Cemetery
  70. Our Lady of Hope Cemetery AKA St. Mary’s Cemetery
  71. Palfrey Burial Site
  72. Penniston Family Cemetery
  73. Pickett Cemetery
  74. Pleasant View Primitive Methodist Church Cemetery
  75. Primitive Methodist Cemetery
  76. Providence Cemetery AKA Bull Branch Burying Ground; Leslie Cemetery
  77. Ray-Pilling Cemetery
  78. Rood Cemetery
  79. Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery
  80. Saint Matthews Catholic Cemetery (New)
  81. Saint Matthews Catholic Cemetery (Old)
  82. Saint Michael’s Catholic Cemetery
  83. Saint Patrick’s Cemetery
  84. Saint Peter’s Catholic Cemetery
  85. Saint Philomena’s Resurrection Cemetery AKA Resurrection Cemetery
  86. Satterlee-Oak Grove Cemetery
  87. Schellinger Cemetery AKA Lamb Cemetery
  88. Shawnee Cemetery AKA Shawneetown, Shawnee Cemetery South
  89. Sheldon Family Cemetery
  90. South Wayne Union Cemetery
  91. Sowl-Threadgold Cemetery AKA Lunda; Mud Branch
  92. Strawberry Cemetery Diggings #1
  93. Strawberry Cemetery Diggings #2
  94. Thompson Cemetery AKA Rowe; Watts
  95. Threadgold Cemetery
  96. Three Stones Cemetery
  97. Tree Cemetery AKA Youngblood Cemetery
  98. Tresner Cemetery
  99. Trinity-Johnson Cemetery AKA Johnson
  100. Union Cemetery AKA Ft Defiance; Willow Springs; Parkinson; Cambellite Church
  101. Union Grove Cemetery
  102. Wardsville Primitive Methodist Church Cemetery
  103. Wehinger Cemetery
  104. West Ella Cemetery AKA Apple River City Cemetery; Highland
  105. West Wiota Lutheran Cemetery
  106. Westrope Family Cemetery
  107. White Cemetery
  108. White Oak Springs Cemetery AKA March; Monticello
  109. Wildermuth Children Burial
  110. Wiley Cemetery
  111. Wiley United Methodist Cemetery AKA Nourse
  112. Wood Branch Cemetery AKA Evan Burial Plot
  113. Woodlawn Cemetery
  114. Yellowstone Lutheran Church Cemetery
  115. Yellowstone Village Cemetery
  116. Zion Cemetery AKA Graham